Jewel in a Box


     Welcome to Jewel in a Box

This name is not just about a jewellery shop, but about the concept behind it. The main focus of our company is to provide transparency and knowledge to our clients. Our mission is to seamlessly connect sellers and buyers, offering a trustworthy and transparent platform for trading exquisite, unique, vintage and modern pre-owned jewellery. With over 25 years of industry experience, our professional staff are experts at making precise evaluations, ensuring fair and accurate pricing for every piece.


Our team consists of competent jewellery experts who bring decades of knowledge and experience to the table. We precisely evaluate each item to ensure its authenticity, quality, and value, providing you with confidence whether you're buying or selling.


Transparency is the key component of our business. From the moment you walk through our doors or visit us online, you'll experience our commitment to clear and honest communication. We believe in providing detailed information about each piece, including its history, condition, and value, so you can make a fully informed decision.

     Buying :

Our team is always focused on finding a personalized approach for each client, providing you with outstanding service and individual solutions to make your experience at Jewel In a Box as pleasant as can be. Unlike many other second-hand jewellery stores and auctions - we take responsibility for authenticity and condition of items sold here. In addition, all of our jewellery pieces and watches are accompanied by a certificate. Certificate for insurance purposes can be made upon request.

     Selling :

To sell jewelry/watches through our store, you can follow these easy steps...

1. You bring or send us your jewellery/watches and we make a contract with you that you left your items here for evaluation for 7 working days. The contract includes a short description and a photo of items left.

2. After a maximum of 7 working days you will receive an email with estimation. If you agree with the estimation, you can rent an e-box to put your jewelry/watch for sale. Our commission is added on top of the estimated value and is paid by the buyer.

      Renting an e-box costs...

a. 96€ for the first two months (including estimate costs and pictures) +1.95% of the estimated value for insurance purposes (for all items estimated above 600€). The rental contract is extended for 56€ per two months.

b. 60€ for the first two months (including estimate costs and pictures) +1.95% of the estimated value for insurance purposes (for all items estimated under 600€). The rental contract is extended for 40€ per two months.

3. As soon as we have received your agreement, we will make photos and a maximum of ten days later your jewel / watch will be offered for sale in our e-box (digital display case) and on our website, so your contract will only start from the moment your item is posted.

4. If you do not wish to rent an e-box, and wish to take back the jewel/watch, you will pay a 55€ estimate fee.

5. If after some time you decide to put the item for sale via an e-box, the estimate costs paid will be deducted from your rental costs.

6. After your item is sold you will receive the payment to your bank account within 45 days after the sale.

Visit us today and discover how our expertise, commitment to transparency, and passion for fine jewellery can enhance your buying or selling experience.