Jewel in a Box

Frequently asked questions

I purchased an item, but I wish to return it. Is this possible? What are the conditions?

See our Refund Policy

I want to sell my jewellery/watch. How does it work?

See our Concept

Does your jewellery / watches come with a certificate?

Our experts deliver a certificate of authenticity for each item.

My item has been damaged. Can Jewel In A Box provide a repair service?

At Jewel In a Box we provide repair, adjustment and customization services for jewellery and watches, such as repair, polishing, size change, stone replacement, modifying your jewellery among other services. These services are available whether the item was purchased from us or elsewhere.

I saw an item that I like, can I reserve it? If yes, for how long?

All clients of Jewel In A Box can make a 48 hour reservation.

Does Jewel In A Box provide a secure worldwide shipping?

Jewel In A Box uses only secure transport companies for all their high value worldwide deliveries with full insurance.